Barrel Sauna Buying Guide

When you make the decision to buy a Barrel Sauna for your home, there are many important factors you should consider before making your final selection. Here is a roundup of the characteristics and features of quality barrel saunas that you should keep in mind.

Wall Log Thickness

Thickness is one of the most important aspects of your new outdoor sauna because the thickness of the wall logs means greater insulation. Most wall thicknesses are 1-3/8” to 1-1/2” and 1-5/8”. The differences in dimensions may seem minor, but they’re not; they are vital! It is equally important to check the thickness of material used for the front and back walls; many manufacturers are using 1” thick material for those.

Solid or Joined Wall Logs?

Solid wall logs are every bit as important as thicker wall materials. Wood is a natural material, so it will shrink and expand depending on weather conditions. When the logs are joined, small cracks may begin to appear, allowing heat to escape.


A wood-framed, lockable door is a great feature! It allows you to lock your sauna when it’s not being used. Keeping it locked when you’re not around means the wind can’t blow it open, and the kids can’t use it as a playhouse when you’re not around.

Support Legs

The more legs, the better; they distribute the barrel sauna’s weight more evenly and take the stress from the floor logs. The support legs keep the structure straight and level.


This term refers to the bands that hold your sauna together. Because wood expands and shrinks depending on the weather, the more bands the sauna has, the more tightly it will be held together.

Bench Dimensions

Always check the sauna’s bench dimensions. You will be using them constantly, so you want to ensure they are comfortable and well proportioned…after all, you’re using them during your leisure time! Make sure that you have enough bench length to stretch out comfortably; lay down and relax. Since the width is as important as the length, be sure it’s at least 21” wide.


Numbers about a sauna’s capacity can be misleading and confusing. Identical saunas have been advertised as four-person, six-person, or even eight-person saunas. Capacity is not about how many people you can squeeze in; it’s about how many people you enjoy having in the sauna when you’re using it. If you like to lay down and stretch out, the sauna’s hot room must be at least 72”+ long; that’s the measurement of a two-person sauna. Consider 22” – 24” of space for each seated person. And remember: you must take into account enough space for the heater to be a safe distance from the sitting area. For example: if a sauna room is 72”, it is comfortable enough for four people, two on each side.

Sauna Diameter

A larger diameter allows the sauna benches to be installed higher, and also allows for two-level seating. Two-level seating is a great option when the sauna is being used by children, and people who enjoy different heat temperatures.

Roofing Materials

The proper roof is vital for protecting your investment. There is always a chance that the barrel will leak without a roof, and leaks leave stains and ruin the sauna’s interior. That’s why choosing the good roofing material and having it installed (or installing it yourself!) is crucial.

These are the most important considerations you should take into account when you decide to purchase a new Barrel Sauna. No doubt it will give you many wonderful hours of relaxation and enjoyment, you and your entire family!


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