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Sauna risks

Are there any risks of sauna bathing?

Saunas have become very popular in recent years as adjuncts to healthy living regimes. Many hotels, spas, and exercise facilities advocate and provide various types

20 Finnish Sauna Tips for Beginners

Saunas have been around in Finland since just after the Ice Age, about 10,000 years ago. They have evolved through the Ages from simple earthen

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Tips for Decorating Your Cabin

Here are some ideas about decorating your new summer garden house: Reuse your own furniture Use old furnishings from your house that you can retouch

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5 Benefits of a Two-Room Sauna

Discover the advantages of opting for a two-room sauna over a one-room setup. If you need help deciding which sauna configuration to choose, consider these

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Sauna Buying Guide For Beginners

Buying your first sauna is exciting, but can also become overwhelming pretty quickly. It is a big decision, and there are lots to consider. Having