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20 Finnish Sauna Tips for Beginners

Saunas have been around in Finland since just after the Ice Age, about 10,000 years ago. They have evolved through the Ages from simple earthen

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Tips for Decorating Your Cabin

Here are some ideas about decorating your new summer garden house: Reuse your own furniture Use old furnishings from your house that you can retouch

Barrel Sauna Buying Guide

When you make the decision to buy a Barrel Sauna for your home, there are many important factors you should consider before making your final

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One-Room or Two-Room Sauna?

You have finally decided to get your own sauna but cannot decide whether to invest in a one-room or two-room sauna. Below we explain some

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10 Uses for your Garden Structure

Spring and summer are wonderful seasons to spend some quality time in the garden and in nature. You may find yourself wanting to build a

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Sauna Buying Guide For Beginners

Buying your first sauna is exciting, but can also become overwhelming pretty quickly. It is a big decision, and there are lots to consider. Having