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Sleeping outdoors is grand – nature, scenery, and the glorious smells of a campfire! But sleeping on the ground isn’t always so grand, right? The lumps and bumps, the bugs and spiders…who needs ’em? To say nothing of the rain! Now, nothing has to keep you from getting back to nature whenever you like, because the Camping Barrel 18 is just the ticket – it offers you the best of both worlds.


Available on backorder

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Additional information

Number of Rooms:


Wall Thickness:

1-5/8" ( 42 mm)

Inside Dimensions:

7'1" x 6'7"

Outside Dimensions:

17'9" Long x 7'4" Wide x 7'7" High

Overall Height:


Window Dimensions:

11.8" x 26.2", 23-1/4" x 5'5"

Door Dimensions:

22.2" x 65"

Foundation Materials Included:



2,200 lbs

Terrace Dimensions:




Roofing Shingles Included:



This two-room barrel is comfy enough for two, no matter how tall you are. Its overall dimensions are 17’9” long, x 7’44” wide x 7’7” high, so anyone can fit and snuggle inside! This easy-to-assemble kit comes with everything you need to get your barrel up quickly, even the foundation materials. The door measures 22,2” x 65”, so almost anything is easy to slip through it. Now, all you need are the marshmallows and someone to tell ghost stories and you’re all set for the camping trip of a lifetime!


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