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Planter Boxes

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  • Planter Solo2

    Planter Box Kit Freesia2

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  • Planter Box Kit Freesia3

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  • Planter Box Kit Orchid2

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  • Planter Box Kit Orchid3

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  • Planter Box Kit Orchid4

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  • Marigold2

    Planter Box Kit Marigold2

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  • Planter Box Kit Marigold3

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  • Planter Box Marigold42

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  • Marigold42 Planter bench box

    Planter Bench Kit Marigold42B

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TherMod modular planter kits and accessories are one of the most environmentally friendly products on the market. These high quality solid pine wood planters are made of Thermally Modified Wood* that is weather resistant and does not require maintenance. Not consisting any chemicals, the TherMod products are decay, mold and insect resistant. These features make the planter boxes ideal for organic gardening.