A beautiful backyard deserves a beautiful gazebo for get-to-gathers, relaxing in the balmy summer evenings, or just enjoying the view. Our company boasts an impressive size and price lineup of custom gazebos that are easy to assemble and high-grade quality material. Built for assembly in Europe, you can expect nothing short of greatness with these pieces. We also pride ourselves on our wonderful customer service for first-time builders. If you’ve always dreamed of your own fairytale gazebo, then look no further than our gazebo kits. You’ll get the quality and attention you crave for an outdoor decoration you’ll love for years to come.

BZBCabinsAndOutdoors, LLC
BZBCabinsAndOutdoors, LLC
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An Crumpler
I’ve done a lot of research before deciding on BzB THERMOWOOD 1-ROOM BARREL SAUNA MODEL 28. The quality is impeccable. It actually looks better in person & very roomy inside, it’s 7ft tall inside. Sigma was so great at answering our questions via texting and even after the purchase & installation. It took the delivery guy & my husband 8 hrs to put the sauna together. You will need to schedule & pay extra for the delivery person to build the sauna for you & it’s so worth it. He’s very professional & fast. I highly recommend BzB, buy it and you won’t regret it.
George Alex Popescu
I purchased a small outdoor sauna . They came and installed it. They helped the electrician as needed. The service was perfect. When a piece was damaged they exchanged it overnight. Each time I had a question they answered the phone immediately and the service and advice were perfect. Strongly recommend !! And will recommend them to all my friends.
Alex Kara
Love my new banya (sauna). It looks amazing, great materials, great service from Sigmar. The best prices in the US. My friend Andrey recommended BZB and it worth every penny. Great job 👏
I’ve had a great experience with BZB Cabins. Sigmar worked closely with me throughout the process - answering questions about the product, being accommodating with modifications, keeping me updated on shipping status. Once the sauna arrived, it was unloaded in a quick and efficient way. Assembling it took some time (it was clearly not an IKEA-type project; we had to do a lot of thinking, adjustments and additions, and I wouldn’t be able to do it alone, without a friend who was good with power tools). We had to do a few extra things - e.g., shingles on the roof, additional thermal protection over the ceiling, separate wiring for lighting, a barrier around the heater. Throughput the process, though, Sigmar was always available, and was able to clarify things, troubleshoot and guide us. While the project took a while to complete, the result is a well-built, cozy sauna which heats up fairly quickly and stays hot for quite a while. I, as well as my friends, enjoy both the dry heat and the steam very much, and I am very glad that I chose BZB.
Ivan S.
I recently purchased the Oval Sauna from BZBCabins and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. The customer service was outstanding. It truly felt like Sigmar was available around the clock to support the build and answer any questions I had. Every interaction was a pleasure, and it made the whole process of purchasing and assembling the sauna much easier. The quality of the sauna itself is fantastic, and it adds a great touch to my home. Highly recommend both the product and the company for anyone looking to buy a sauna.
Matt Laird
Smartest thing I have done in years was ordering our sauna from BZB. I spent a LOT of time looking and checking out others and this has turned out even better than I hoped for a really reasonable price. The overall quality is very good but the benches and the wood stove quality is excellent (which for me are the most important parts). It came within a few days of ordering it and Steve, the delivery chap, helped me get it all in the garage. It's pretty darned heavy so I am glad I spent the time building a base out of pavers I got from Lowes. I did 95% of it on my own, (my wife and two young lads helped with getting the end pieces up) and it all went pretty well (despite a big snow storm half way through). Some tricky bits were that the instructions didn't quite match the kit in places (the kit included a few extra parts and the chimney needed a bit of figuring out) but Sigmar was super quick answering my questions and sending me photos and that helped a ton. I have stained the outside, oiled the inside (with sauna oil), added power for some lights and I couldn't be happier. We have now used it everyday for two weeks, the temperature is great (it can get super hot if you want) and I genuinely couldn't be happier.
yan tartakovskiy
I have ordered W3 Barrel sauna and had a great experience with this company and guys who delivered and installed it. If it would be an option to rate them 150 out of 100 I would do it. At first I had a quite few conversations with Sigmar who helped me to understand and choose what fits best for me. He guided me through carefully without any pressure and we scheduled delivery. Installation was smooth and fast, Tony and Angel along with Sigmar are great professionals. At the end of second day I was able to use sauna! Thanks a lot Guys! I wish I would have the same experience with other companies or individuals. Highly recommend to work with these guys. Used sauna already twice and so far everything is above the expectation!
What Up
Great customer service and after 2 years, we still love our outdoor sauna.

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Showing all 3 results

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    • Joanna Gazebo Kit

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