Dreamcatcher 200 sq ft Cabin Kit

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The Dreamcatcher is a high quality, wooden cabin that makes an elegant, year-round addition to any property. Its uses are limited only by your imagination – guest house, fitness studio, home office or permanent home for a teenager who hasn’t quite flown out of the nest!


Available on backorder

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Additional information

Number of Rooms:


Inside Floor Area:

204 Sq. Ft.

Wall Thickness:

1-3/4" (45 mm)

Inside Dimensions:

14'4" x 14'4"

Outside Dimensions:

14'7" x 14'7"

Overall Dimensions:

17'8" x 21'10"

Height of the Wall:


Overall Height:


Window Dimensions:

46-7/8" x 34-1/4"

Door Dimensions:

66-15/16" x 71-11/16"

Terrace Dimensions:

14'7" x 6'7"

Terrace Covered:


Floor Boards Thickness:

23/32" (18 mm)

Roof Boards Thickness:

11/16" (17 mm)

Foundation Materials Included:

No (Optional)


4600 lbs


This one-room cabin’s walls are 19-3/4” thick, and they’re 8’2” high. There are 204 square feet of space inside, and the covered terrace measures 14’7” x 6’7” – plenty of room for chairs and a table! Roof boards are included in the kit, and they’re 11/16” thick, so they stand up to all kinds of weather. The double doors measure 66-15/16” x 71-11/16”, and the windows are 46-7/8” x 34-1/4” in size.

Dreamcatcher 200 sq ft cabin is the ideal space for whatever function you dream up, and it’s so attractive you just might want to keep it all to yourself…go ahead, we won’t tell!