Midsize Cabin Kits: 151-250 Sq.ft.

Log cabins give a cozy and warm feeling of home. There is nothing better than being relaxed and snug in a place you love. If you have always wanted the privacy of living in a log cabin off the beaten path, then you have come to the right place. Whether you like to hunt and need a place to retreat, enjoy spending time reading on the porch or just enjoy the outdoors, we can make you the perfect mid-sized cabin of your dreams.

All of these cabins are Do-It-Yourself kits that can be assembled by anyone with minimal carpentry experience. Most cabins are customizable to your needs and can be resided in throughout the most of the year no matter what climate you live in. You have the freedom to choose your own location and redesign the doors and windows. You can choose whether you have a covered porch or floor to ceiling windows looking out at the beautiful scenery around you.

Our full range models can have all you need or want. It can be a vacation home, private retreat or your primary address. It can be whatever you make it. The size of these cabins are between 151 and 200 square feet, which can comfortably fit a couple of people. It is the perfect size cabin to meet your dreams of living comfortably close to nature.