Sundeck 2S Prefab Wood Cabin With Double Doors

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The Sundeck 2s cabin kit has double doors with long windows so the sun can easily fill the 156 square feet of internal space. It is large enough for you to entertain a few friends, to use it as a home gym or an artist studio. The kit comes completely equipped with all you need for assembly: ceiling, floor and roof construction material, windows, doors, nails, screws, fixings, handles, and a door lock.


Available on backorder

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Additional information

Number of Rooms:


Wall Thickness:

1-3/4" ( 44mm)

Inside Floor Area:

156 Sq.Ft

Inside Dimensions:

12'6" x 12'6"

Outside Dimensions:

12'10" x 12'10"

Overall Dimensions:

14'7" x 17'5"

Height of the Wall:


Overall Height:


Window Dimensions:

Single Pane Real Glass, 34-3/4" x 34-3/4"

Door Dimensions:

110-1/4" x 77", Single Pane Real Glass

Terrace Dimensions:

Optional Deck Available

Terrace Covered:


Floor Boards Thickness:

23/32" (18 mm)

Roof Boards Thickness:

23/32" (18 mm)

Foundation Materials Included:

No (Optional)



Roofing Shingles Included:

No (Optional +$240.00)



Reversible Assembly:


Roof Pitch:



Did you buy your dream home even though it was missing a certain something, a place to relax and hang your hat in the summer breeze? You need a sun deck? No problem! We have the perfect solution: our Sundeck 2S Cabin Kit that you can put together yourself!

Our one-room, prefab wood cabin offers lots of space — enough room for chairs, a chaise lounge, and perhaps a wet bar! Guests can linger in the hot sun, then pop inside for a refreshing drink…it’s like having a wee nightclub in your own backyard. And since the walls are 6 feet, nine inches tall, everyone fits! And each wall is almost two inches thick, so no need to worry about the sound of music drifting out.

The Sundeck has double doors with long windows so the sun can pour in, but hanging blinds will increase the shade inside, and your privacy! The kit comes completely equipped with all you need for assembly, though you can order a foundation separately, if you wish.

Its overall size is 12 feet, 10 inches, by 12 feet, 10 inches, and it offers 156 square feet of room inside. When complete, its dimensions reach 14 feet, seven inches, by 17 feet, five inches.

Enough space for you to entertain a few friends, maybe take a dip in a nearby pool, then pop inside to cool down and grab a cold drink. Or keep the space entirely your own:

it’s completely up to you!