Small Prefabricated Cabin Kit Zion 2

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Zion 2 walls are prefabricated and are supplied with a built-in moisture barrier in the form of wind protection plastic. Due to the innovative 2-3/4 frame design, extra insulation can easily be added if required. This frame design also allows for easy wiring of the cabins, turning them into modern, usable living spaces.


Available on backorder

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Additional information

Number of Rooms:


Wall Thickness:

3/4" Siding

Inside Floor Area:

149 Sq.Ft.

Inside Dimensions:

10'4" x 14'5"

Outside Dimensions:

10'11" x 15'

Overall Dimensions:

12'2" x 16'6"

Height of the Wall:


Overall Height:


Window Dimensions:

2x 21-1/4" x 63" Double Pane Real Glass

Door Dimensions:

26" x 73-1/4" Double Pane Real Glass

Terrace Dimensions:

Optional Deck Available

Terrace Covered:


Floor Boards Thickness:

23/32" (18 mm)

Roof Boards Thickness:

23/32" (18 mm)

Foundation Materials Included:

No (Optional)



Roofing Shingles Included:

No (Optional +$260)



Reversible Assembly:


Roof Pitch:



5400 lbs


Both roof and floor boards feature tongue and groove joints, ensuring a professional, strong and sturdy fit. The roof is finished off with special roof felt, the perfect way to protect against the elements.

Do you want more or less windows for extra light? Do you want the door set in a different position or need extra doors? We are able to fully customize the look and feel of the cabins to suit your personal requirements.

For a superior look, the insides can be finished with cladding or sheetrock. There are rubber seals on the doors and windows and stylish chrome door fittings for a trendy finish.

Whether you want a functional lock-up storage area or a contemporary show-off den, we have an option for you. These quality cabins will increase the value of your property and are sure to add a touch of class to your outdoor space.

Zion 2 Includes:

  • 3/4″ Fine-Sawn Nordic Spruce Siding
  • 2-3/4″¬†Wall Framing
  • Ready Made Wall Elements With Wind Protection Plastic
  • Durable, dense grain and slow grown Nordic Spruce
  • Double Pane Real Glass Door and Windows
  • One Kit-Many Assembly Options!
  • ” Floor and roof construction materials included
  • Matching Interior Wall Cladding Available
  • Addition Windows Available!
  • Pre hung and glazed door and window
  • Pre assembled¬†rafters
  • All nails, screws, fixings, handles and door lock.
  • Easy to follow instructions


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