One-Room or Two-Room Sauna?

Igloo POD sauna

You have finally decided to get your own sauna but cannot decide whether to invest in a one-room or two-room sauna. Below we explain some of the benefits of having a second room, changing/sitting room, which will surely make your sauna experience much better!

It is an ideal place to store sauna accessories

The changing room can be used to house and hang up your sauna supplies, like a bathrobe, towels, aromatic oils for moisturizing your skin, or a sauna whisk, ladle, and bucket. No more lugging items out from the house to the sauna; just store everything you need in the changing room, and it will all be close by when you fire up the sauna next time. You can even put a mirror on the door and put a clay mask on to refresh and renew your face, while you bask in the steam. Ah…bliss!

A place to change clothes

When stepping out of your house, you may not want to run across your yard in your towel or bathing suit; therefore, a changing room is perfect for undressing and then going to enjoy the steam room. After your spa experience, you can simply get dressed before stepping outside.

It’s the spot in which you can relax and cool down between steam room sessions. You may even spend more time in the sitting room than in the steam room. It’s important to take breaks from the heat, but when it’s raining or snowing, who wants to step outside or to dash into the house? No one! Now, you can take a break, relax in the sitting room and sip on a cold drink before stepping back into the hot steam room; you’ll be comfy and cozy in the shelter of the changing room.

Double doors help to save the heat in the steam room

An extra room is great for cold climates and provides a buffer zone between the exterior cold and the interior sauna room. Having double doors means opening the main sauna door does not cause a drastic drop in temperature in the steam room.

A place to socialize while you steam

You can invite friends over to share your sauna experience, chat, listen to music, have a snack, sip a cup of a hot tea or a cold beer, whichever you prefer. This is a perfect hang out zone!

So…there are numerous benefits of having a two-room sauna. We hope this post has helped you see the importance of a sitting room and helps you decide whether a one-room or two-room sauna works for you.

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