Pavilion Kits

Do you frequently spend time outside in your backyard with your family and friends? Are you tired of having to run into the house when it rains or constantly swatting bugs while you’re trying to carry on a conversation? Do you wish you could be inside but outside at the same time? Our elegant outdoor pavilion kits will protect you from rain, sun, and bugs in the spring, summer, and fall.

Ranging from 73 to 200 square feet, you can find the perfect pavilion kit for you and your family. Your friends won’t want to leave your backyard with a pavilion like this. It is perfect for relaxing, having parties and BBQs, and even great to put a table inside and enjoy a meal without the fear of insects eating your food.

While you might be thinking it is similar to sitting inside your house, think again! You have the freedom to design custom windows and doors that can be opened to get all the fresh air you want while still being protected. If you have been dreaming about spending time in your backyard and garden while also being protected from the elements, then a pavilion kit is the right choice for you.