Orchid 2

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Boards Thickness


Inside Size:

16-3/4" x 34-3/4"

Inside Height:


Overall Dimensions:

22" x 40"

Overall Height:



These high quality solid pine wood planters are made of Thermally Modified Wood* that is weather resistant and does not require maintenance. Not consisting any chemicals, the TherMod products are decay, mold and insect resistant. These features make the planter boxes ideal for organic gardening.

The interlocking design makes the assembly simple and allows you easily to change the planter box height, design, and add accessories. For example, you can turn your planter box into a garden bench or working table by adding some additional boards. Please see the assembly VIDEO!

An additional feature is that each board is reversible so you can choose between grooved or smooth surface for your planter box.

Orchid2 would look lovely indoors or outdoors. Filled with peonies, lilies, or with one of your beloved ferns, it will look great bordering your deck or patio. Planter box will also create an attractive display of flowers or greenery in any area of your house with its beautiful design.

Orchid2 Features:

  • No chemicals
  • Will not mold or rot and is maintenance free
  • Resistant to insects and pests
  • Reversible boards- Grooved or smooth surface
  • Can be customized for higher or lower height
  • Ideal for organic gardening
  • Can be painted
  • All hardware included
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Several add-ons available: legs and/or lid, connecting bench(es) and planter(s)

Finish: Unfinished. If you prefer maintaining the rich darker hardwood color tone, we recommend a coat of light or clear stain. Without coating Thermal Wood will gradually return back to lighter wood color tone.


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