Sauna Accessories

As a leading supplier of outdoor saunas, we know our customers want a vibrant experience from the moment they step into their saunas.
And so we have designed a full line of sauna accessories to make your experience even more enjoyable, more relaxing, and more soothing.

We have on offer everything from personal wear like slippers, full cotton sauna bathrobes, and skirts, to curved wooden headrests against which you can relax in the nourishing steam. We have a set of gloves, hats, and personal mats with a detailed bee illustration, sturdy in construction, and elegantly designed.

All our products are made with 100 percent craftsmanship, of durable wood or fabrics that withstand the extreme heat of your sauna. We also have beautifully crafted wood stoves on offer that will increase the health benefits of your sauna by allowing you to fully control the temperature.

We have windows, mats, oak whisks, and more, and for the ultimate experience we have a round wooden Polar Plunge tub available for the bravest sauna users — have a steaming sauna, then plunge into your cold water tub for the ultimate in skin renewal and full-body relaxation!

We offer only the best DIY assembly sauna kits on the market. Now, we offer a range of accessories that make your sauna experience even better, the ultimate in personal self-care.