Adjustable Sauna Vent Cover

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Every sauna has an exhaust vent that provides clean, healthy air circulation while you’re enjoying your relaxing time in the steamy, hot, nourishing environment of your own personal sauna. Now, our Adjustable Ventilation Cover helps make that vital piece of equipment in the sauna attractive and even boost air circulation while you’re stretched out on a bench, breathing in the warm air.


Available on backorder

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Overall Dimensions:

Diameter: 7-1/8", Height: 1-3/4"

Inside Diameter:

Adjustable Cap Diameter: 5"


Solid Linden




Good ventilation in your sauna is crucial, and this adjustable vent cover allows you to alter the balance of dry air and humidity very quickly and easily. We’ve designed the cover to open and close very simply, in a matter of moments!

Our vent cover is made of sturdy Linden wood, and works most effectively with a vent hole that measures 4-11/16” in diameter. It doesn’t just circulate the air, it boosts the heat more quickly, so you can get on with enjoying your sauna even faster! And the faster your sauna begins working, the faster you start enjoying its nourishing, relaxing benefits. Ah…bliss! And before we ship your adjustable vent cover, we’d be happy to finish it with sauna wood oil, if that’s your preference.

Sauna Vent  Cover Specifications:

  • Overall Diameter: 7-1/8″
  • Adjustable Cap Diameter: 5″
  • Installs Over the vent pipe
  • Solid Linden Wood
  • Unfinished
  • Package: 1 Piece