Sauna Hats – 100% Wool Felt

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The Sauna Hat is made of 100 percent wool felt, which keeps your head at just the right temperature, no matter how warm the sauna is. Without a hat, it’s tough to get the body’s temperature as high as you want it even in a hot, steamy sauna. But add a hat, and suddenly every part of the experience is better — your head stays cool and dry while your body gets as warm and moist as it’s meant to!


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Viking, Helmet, Knight, Pilot, Napoleon, Dembel, Frog, Lady, Inch




Why do you need a sauna hat?

Does the idea of wearing a hat in the sauna sound a little odd to you?  In fact, wearing a head covering while you’re having your steam is the best thing to do for your health. Here’s why:

  1. Your head shouldn’t heat up like your body does. The head is filled with lots of little capillaries, and exposing them to extreme heat can damage them.
  2. Hats keep you from getting dizzy. Because of the head’s physical structure, it heats up first, and very quickly, when you don’t wear a hat in the sauna. That means you can’t stay in the nourishing steam for as long as you might like to, because you feel overheated and even dizzy. A hat prevents that from happening.
  3. Hats protect your hair! They may not be the most stylish item in your wardrobe, but sauna hats go a long way toward keeping your hair from becoming brittle and dry.

All in all, wearing a hat in the sauna is a smart move. We have plenty of hats to choose from, so take a look through our catalogue today!