Sauna Headrest Flex

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This headrest is made of Linden, a soft, flexible wood that we’ve designed in a lattice shape, to promote maximum air flow and temperature consistency. Its low thermal conductivity means that no matter how long you luxuriate in your sauna — 10 minutes, 20 minutes or even longer — your head will be comfortable, your neck won’t arch and your shoulders stay relaxed.


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Overall Dimensions:

13-3/4" Wide x 14-1/2" Long x 4-3/4" High


Solid Linden




Sauna Headrest Flex  Specifications:

  • Overall Dimensions: 13-3/4″ Wide x 14-1/2″ Long x 4-3/4″ High
  • Flexible Top
  • Solid Linden Wood
  • Unfinished
  • Package: 1 Headrest