Our outdoor saunas and barrel saunas are the best places to relax and socialize with your family and friends. They are manufactured in Finland and Estonia, where some the oldest saunas originated.

We are nothing if not proud of what we do and we do it well. Every product we distribute is crafted with care and precision by true masters in Northern Europe, and we ship out these easy-install saunas to all Lower 48 states through phone or web ordering. We introduce brand new, quality products every year that come in different shapes and sizes to fit different budgets.

There are other models that could be used as saunas, just please let us know and we will find the right model for you!

Sauna is not luxury, but necessity!


All our outdoor saunas are designed for a Do-It-Yourself assembly. A detailed instructional manual and illustrations are included with each kit. All the materials of the saunas are pre-cut and ready to be assembled, which makes the work easier and less time consuming. It should take about two to four days for the smaller models to be assembled by two people. During the installation process, if you have any questions or difficulties, we can always assist you via phone, email, or Skype.

If you do not feel comfortable assembling the sauna kit yourself, our trained and experienced installation crew is more than happy to install the kit for you.  As part of our installation services, we offer to return after six months once the structure has settled to the new environment to make sure it is level and all the doors and windows are in good, working condition. Please contact us for installation prices.