Sauna Kits

Who doesn’t love a good sauna? How about an outdoor sauna available to friends and family for relaxing in the open air? Brought to you from Finland and Estonia, the ancient home of some of the first saunas, we bring you the outdoor sauna kits, designed to relieve stress and aches in muscles, get the blood flowing and even bolster your immune system.

You can build your own sauna, which is shipped out as an easy-to-use kit. We take all the guesswork out of constructing your own hot, warm, relaxing sauna, but providing all the materials for you, already measured. Like any kit, you just have to assemble it. It’s all ready to go once it arrives, so even the least hammer-savvy people can manage its assembly.

Indoor saunas are a bit more restricted given the unique shape of every house, but the sky’s the limit on outdoor models. Just about any shape imaginable is possible. Some can even be portable! Honestly, the hard part is just deciding which model suits you and your needs the best and then preparing the construction site.

Once this is done, the DIY sauna kit can be completed in just a few days by only two adults. It should be easy enough for you to handle, even if you’ve never lifted a power drill before. But if it’s still proving a challenge, we have an experienced and well-seasoned assembly team waiting in the wings if you need them.

We’re here for you, regardless of how you choose to go about it. We have plenty of models to choose from and the one just right for you is ready and waiting out there. Allow us to help you find your new way of life.