Outdoor Saunas

Who doesn’t love a good sauna? How about an outdoor sauna available to friends and family for relaxing in the open air? Brought to you from Finland and Estonia, the ancient home of some of the first saunas, we bring you the outdoor sauna kits, designed to relieve stress and aches in muscles, get the blood flowing and even bolster your immune system.

How about building your own sauna? Our saunas come as easy-to-assemble kits. We take all the guesswork out of constructing your own hot and relaxing sauna and provide you with all the materials, already measured. Like any sauna kit, you just have to assemble it. The kit is all ready to go once it arrives, so even the least hammer-savvy person can manage its assembly.

Here are some things to keep in mind when thinking about purchasing a home sauna kit. 

There are two different types of saunas available. A traditional sauna is one that uses heat and convection to make a room cozy. This is the most popular heater type that you might find at a gym. A wood-fired sauna is the traditional Finnish type sauna where wood is used to heat the sauna heater and the steam room. 

Electrically heated sauna is another type. The electrical heater is efficient, easy to use, and safe. There are heaters for different kinds of saunas, and they are usually controlled by a remote. This type of heater is either mounted on the floor or wall.

When considering an outdoor sauna, you should also think about whether you would like a cabin or barrel design. Barrel saunas have become more popular for its smaller footprint and its cylindrical shape that lets the air circulate naturally. 

We have these different types of saunas for sale on our website; please contact us for details so we can help you pick out the perfect sauna size and design for your needs.

Cost is another factor to consider. The type, design, and size of the sauna will affect your cost. A family-sized six-person outdoor sauna kit will cost around $7000 whereas smaller saunas will run from $3000 to $6000.

The thickness of the walls is one of the most important aspects of saunas! Thicker walls mean greater insulation. The most common outdoor sauna’s wall thicknesses are 1-3/8” to 1-1/2” and 1-5/8”. It is also important to check the thickness of material used for the front and back walls; many manufacturers are using 1” thick material for those.

Joined or solid wall logs?

Solid wall logs are every bit as important for outdoor saunas as thicker wall materials. Wood is a natural material, so it will shrink and expand depending on weather conditions. When the logs are joined, small cracks may begin to appear, allowing heat to escape from the small spaces in the walls.

A wood-framed, lockable door is a great feature! It allows you to lock your outdoor sauna when it’s not being used. Keeping it locked when you’re not around means the wind can’t blow it open, and the kids can’t use it as a playhouse when you’re not around.

When choosing an outdoor barrel sauna: the more legs, the better; they distribute barrel saunas’ weight more evenly and take the stress from barrel saunas’ floor logs. The support legs keep the structure straight and level.

This is important for outdoor barrel saunas as well as outdoor igloo saunas. This term refers to the bands that hold your outdoor sauna kit together. Because wood expands and shrinks depending on the weather, the more bands outdoor saunas have, the more tightly it will be held together.

You will be using the benches constantly, so you want to ensure the benches are comfortable and well proportioned…after all, you’re using them during your leisure time! Make sure that you have enough bench length to stretch out comfortably; lay down and relax. Since the width is as important as the length, be sure the benches are at least 21” wide.

Numbers about a sauna’s capacity can be misleading and confusing. Identical saunas have been advertised as four-person, six-person, or even eight-person saunas. Capacity is not about how many people you can squeeze in; it’s about how many people you enjoy having in the sauna when you’re using it. If you like to lay down and stretch out, the sauna’s hot room must be at least 72”+ long; that’s the measurement of a two-person sauna. Consider 22” – 24” of space for each seated person. And remember: you must take into account enough space for the heater to be a safe distance from the sitting area. For example: if a sauna room is 72”, it is comfortable enough for four people, two on each side.

A larger diameter allows the sauna benches to be installed higher, and also allows for two-level seating. Two-level seating is a great option when the sauna is being used by children, and people who enjoy different heat temperatures.

The proper roof is vital for protecting your investment. There is always a chance that the barrel will leak without a roof, and leaks leave stains and ruin the sauna’s interior. That’s why choosing the good roofing material and having it installed (or installing it yourself!) is crucial.


Outdoor saunas can be set on a concrete slab, gravel, concrete blocks, or a wooden terrace. There should also be adequate drainage so as not to allow the water to pool around the base.

One or two-room design?

Below we try to explain some of the benefits of having a second room, changing/sitting room, which will surely make your sauna experience much better!

It is an ideal place to store sauna accessories. Hang up your sauna supplies, like a bathrobe, towels, aromatic oils for moisturizing your skin, or a sauna whisk, ladle, and bucket. No more lugging items out from the house to the sauna; just store everything you need in the changing room, and it will all be close by when you fire up the sauna next time.

A place to change clothes. When stepping out of your house, you may not want to run across your yard in your towel or bathing suit. Also, after your spa experience, you can simply get dressed before stepping outside.

It’s the spot in which you can relax and cool down between steam room sessions. You may even spend more time in the sitting room than in the steam room. It’s important to take breaks from the heat, but when it’s raining or snowing, who wants to step outside or to dash into the house?

Double doors help to save the heat in the steam room. An extra room is great for cold climates and provides a buffer zone between the exterior cold and the interior sauna room. Having double doors means opening the main sauna door does not cause a drastic drop in temperature in the steam room.

A place to socialize while you steam. You can invite friends over to share your sauna experience, chat, listen to music, have a snack, sip a cup of a hot tea or a cold beer, whichever you prefer. This is a perfect hang out zone!

When buying an outdoor sauna kit for the first time, there is a lot of overwhelming information out there. Be sure that you do your research and go with a sauna that fits your needs and your price range and also will be a positive addition to your house or property whether it is a barrel sauna, an igloo, or a cabin-style sauna. After all, it should be something enjoyable for you and your family for a long time!  

Our customer service will stand by to answer any questions about our DIY sauna kits you may have.