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Our saunas are made with high-quality Nordic Spruce and come in a variety of sizes and styles.

For those who want to enjoy the benefits of a sauna but don’t have a lot of space, we have small outdoor saunas for up to 4 people. We also have larger saunas that can accommodate up to 12 people. And for those who want the ultimate sauna experience, we have our luxury saunas that come with all the bells and whistles, including optional LED lighting, double pane windows and doors, a covered terrace, and more.

You can customize your sauna with various options and accessories, including different types of heaters, windows, paint, and more. We also offer a custom outdoor sauna building service that is designed to meet your specific needs and requirements.

All our saunas come as DIY sauna kits that are easy to assemble. All the materials are pre-cut and ready to be put together so that you can enjoy your sauna in no time.

If you want your sauna to be assembled for you, we can do that too!

The wood-fired sauna is the oldest type, giving you the most authentic experience. A soul-warming scent of wood-burning and soft steam makes this type preferable for many.

On the other hand, electric saunas are more convenient as they’re easier to set up and don’t require as much maintenance. They heat up faster too, and with built-in thermostats, it’s easier to control the temperature.

There is no best option. It all comes down to personal preference. It has become customary to have a wood-burning sauna in rural areas and an electric one in more urban locations.

All our products are shipped from our warehouse in New Jersey. We guarantee the curbside delivery of your sauna kit with no damage. If you have any special requests, or you wish to pick it up yourself, just let us know when you place your order. 

We are always thinking of how to save you money, so if we are delivering items to someone near you, you may receive a shipping discount.

Also, we provide “free shipping” to many areas of Canada and the U.S., except for remote regions and Hawaii. We decide this on a case-by-case basis and will inform you when you place your order of any shipping costs involved.

Outdoor saunas can be set on a concrete slab, gravel, concrete blocks, or a wooden terrace. There should also be adequate drainage to prevent water pooling around the base.

Support legs
When choosing a barrel sauna: the more legs, the better; they distribute the barrel’s weight more evenly and take the stress from the floor logs. In addition, support legs keep the structure straight and level.

There’s nothing wrong with having just one room for your sauna. However, if you have the space, we recommend adding a second room, also known as a “cool-down” or changeroom. This is where you can take a break from the heat, drink water, and relax before returning to the sauna.

It is also an ideal place to store sauna accessories like bathrobes, towels, aromatic oils for moisturizing your skin, or a sauna whisk, ladle, and bucket.

An extra room is especially great for cold climates as it provides a buffer zone between the outside cold and a hot room.

Numbers about a sauna’s capacity can be misleading and confusing. For example, identical saunas have been advertised as four-person, six-person, or even eight-person saunas.

Capacity is not about how many people you can squeeze in; it’s about how many people you enjoy having in the sauna when you’re using it. So, for example, if you like to lay down and stretch out, the sauna’s hot room must be at least 72″ + long; that’s the measurement of a two-person sauna.

Consider 22″ – 24″ of space for each seated person. And remember: you must consider enough room for the heater to be a safe distance from the sitting area.

For example: if a sauna room is 72″, it is comfortable enough for four people, two on each side.

It should take about one to four days to be assembled by two people. During the installation process, we can always assist you via phone, email, or Skype if you have any questions or difficulties.

If you do not feel comfortable assembling the sauna kit yourself, our trained and experienced installation crew is more than happy to install the kit for you. As part of our installation services, we offer to return after six months once the structure has settled into the new environment to ensure it is level and all the doors and windows are in good working condition.

Please get in touch with us for installation prices.

A larger diameter allows the sauna benches to be installed higher, and also allows for two-level seating. Two-level seating is a great option when the sauna is being used by children, and people who enjoy different heat temperatures.

We offer a 3-year warranty on our sauna kits. This covers any manufacturing defects in the materials we use. However, it does not cover any damage caused by improper installation or maintenance.

Saunas must be assembled according to our instructions to be eligible for the warranty.