Sauna Cabin Kit Novus XS 40

This sleek new sauna offers the finest in modern design with the luxurious wooden appearance you’ve come to expect from all our DIY sauna and cabin products. The Novus XS one-room sauna has large windows that allow you to view your garden, backyard or pool, while you relax in the nourishing steam of a wood burning stove or electric heater – the choice is yours.


Additional information

Number of Rooms:


Inside Floor Area:

43 Sq.Ft.

Wall Thickness:

1-9/16" (40 mm)

Inside Dimensions:

6'7" x 6'7"

Outside Dimensions:

6'10" x 6'10"

Overall Dimensions:

8'2" x 9'1"

Height of the Wall:

Back Wall: 6'5", Front Wall: 7'3"

Overall Height:


Terrace Dimensions:

1'8" x 6'7"

Terrace Covered:


Floor Boards Thickness:

1" (28 mm)

Roof Boards Thickness:

1" (28 mm)

Window Dimensions:

33-1/4" x 70-1/2"

Door Dimensions:

27" x 73-1/4"

Foundation Materials Included:

No (Optional)

Heater Kit:

Wood Buring: Stoveman13, Heat Shield, Chimeny Kit or Electric: FLB80, 8KW

Lead Time:

3 Weeks


The Novus can also be used instead as a home office or even a small guest room by simply not ordering the stove or heater.  It’s versatile, beautiful and a welcome addition to your home or vacation property that answers all your needs for extra space. Within its walls are 43 square feet of valuable, additional room for you to design as you see fit – the possibilities are almost limitless!

Whether you want a sauna to conclude your home workouts, or an office all to yourself outside the main house, the Novus XS is just the right DIY sauna-cabin kit for you.
Other specs include: outside dimensions that are 6′ 10” X 6’10”, a covered terrace so you can sit outside to cool off from the heat and take a break, and an indoor height of 8’7”.

The Novus XS is a brand new, modern addition to our popular line of saunas, but if it’s a home office or guest house you need, the Novus XS can accommodate those needs, too!

Our sauna kits are designed for do-it-yourself assembly that can typically be completed by two adults in a day or two depending on the size of the model. However, we are offering a complete assemble service by our trained and experienced installation crew. Whichever option you will choose we will provide you with complete support.