Custom Sauna Trailers, Mobile Saunas

Have you ever wished that you could just tote your sauna along behind you when taking off for an extended vacation at a campground, or when heading off to your weekend home out of town? Or have you been reluctant to sell your house and go to a new one because you just don’t want to leave behind the wonderful sauna you’ve come to love?

Now you can do all those things, have all those adventures while still being able to steam away whenever you like!


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Our Mobile Sauna goes with you to just about anywhere, making any trip or move infinitely better. Some of our customers have purchased the Mobile Sauna as a group, and took turns wheeling it to their backyards or gardens. Some of our customers own campgrounds, and want to offer guests the luxury of a wooden sauna on site after a day of swimming and sun tanning.

Whatever your reason, owning a Mobile Sauna makes enjoying a sauna easy — and portable! You don’t have to take a road trip and leave your sauna behind any longer, now it goes with you, just like a member of the family!

Each Mobile Sauna is built to your specifications, whether you need it to accommodate three people, 8 people or a rotating stream of regular users at a specific sporting venue or any other large event. 

The Mobile Sauna makes a fabulous addition to any property, vacation home, enterprise or sporting event. And because it’s so easy to transport, it goes to almost any location you can imagine…urban, rural, or both!


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