Our new model is similar to our first Mooncliff cabin, but it's even bigger and a little grander. Many of our customers told us they love the Mooncliff cabin but wanted a larger design, one with two separate rooms. That's what the new Mooncliff model offers. The inside floor plan is a generous 176 square feet.  There is plenty of space for a guest room area, a desk, and even a sofa and chairs. You may want to keep this cabin all to yourself once you've put the kit together. The walls are made of sturdy Nordic lumber, suitable for any weather. The Mooncliff XL comes with a 42 square feet covered terrace, a great place to grab some shade on a hot and sunny day. The cabin has the same door and windows offered in the Mooncliff 1, made of real double-pane glass.

Roofing and foundation materials can be added to your kit.