Tips for Decorating Your Cabin

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Here are some ideas about decorating your new summer garden house:

Reuse your own furniture

Use old furnishings from your house that you can retouch and paint to fit into the cabin’s atmosphere. You could also use outdoor furniture or wicker pieces that will look more natural inside the garden house.

Use multi-functional furniture

Since the space in cabin kits is quite limited in most cases, it would be good to use multi-functional furniture. You could get a storage chest that could also serve as a coffee table or a futon or a sleeper sofa that could be turned into a bed for your guests.

Be creative!

Use the rustic feel of your cabin kit and pick accent pieces such as deer antlers, dried flowers, woven baskets, or other decorations made from natural items. Why not find the artist in yourself and make a platter of seashells and driftwood. Another idea is to use pinecones, leaves, and branches to make a sculpture. Possibilities are endless!

Keep it light

Use sheer curtains to let in as much sunlight as possible. Or you could use short kitchen-type valance to warm up the bare windows and still keep the cabin bright.

Everyone has their own unique style but hopefully, this post gave you some ideas for decorating your kit cabin.


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