Traditional Saunas

Embark on a journey of wellness and tradition with BZB Cabins and Outdoors’ traditional saunas, where Estonian craftsmanship meets Finnish sauna culture. Made in Estonia, a country with centuries of sauna history, our saunas are a testament to quality and authenticity. Choose between the classic wood-fired stove, reminiscent of traditional saunas, or the convenience of modern electric heaters. Each type offers a distinct, relaxing heat experience.


Revel in the authentic sauna experience with temperatures ranging from 70°C to 100°C (158°F to 212°F). Enjoy the “löyly” – a delightful burst of steam produced by pouring water over hot stones, a central part of the traditional sauna ritual. Our saunas are designed for comfort, featuring excellent ventilation to ensure a harmonious balance of heat and humidity.


Catering to your preferences, our outdoor saunas are available as easy-to-assemble DIY kits, perfect for the DIY enthusiast. Alternatively, we offer a full assembly service for those seeking a seamless setup. At BZB Cabins and Outdoors, every traditional sauna is a tribute to the rich sauna heritage shared by Estonia and Finland, providing a space for relaxation and connection with a deep-rooted cultural legacy.

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